Step 2

Cardiovascular 10

A 31-year-old woman presents to the emergency department for feeling weak and fatigue for one week. The patient has a past medical history of end stage renal disease (ESRD) with anuria and systemic lupus erythematous. The reports that she has missed hemodialysis for 10 days due to feeling fatigue. While in the emergency department, the patient has seizure-like activity, and no pulse is palpable. Chest compressions are started and eventually return of spontaneous circulation is achieved.

Which of the following is the most likely cause of this patient’s cardiac arrest?

  • A) Hypercalcemia
  • B) Hyperkalemia
  • C) Hyperphosphatemia
  • D) Hypokalemia
  • E) Hypomagnesemia


Marina Tawadrous


Dr. Raj Dasgupta

Last updated

Feb 20, 2023

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