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Pathology 32

A 12-year-old girl presents with her father to the urgent care clinic with a complaint of right flank pain. The pain started suddenly a few hours ago, is sharp and unremitting, and is not relieved by positional change. She has been otherwise well, with past medical history significant only for asthma. She does not take any medications and denies recent travel. The father states that some of his family members have kidney problems, though he is not sure what kind. Physical examination reveals tachycardia and extreme right flank tenderness to palpation. Urinalysis is reveals hematuria and additional testing of the urine indicates elevated levels of ornithine and lysine.

Which of the following additional urinalysis findings is most likely?

  • A) Coffin lid shaped stones that are radiopaque on radiography
  • B) Diamond shaped stones that are radiolucent on radiography
  • C) Envelope shaped stones that are radiopaque on radiography
  • D) Hexagonal crystals that are faintly radiopaque on radiography
  • E) Muddy brown casts


Alexandra Conway


Dr. Ted O'Connell

Last updated

Apr 15, 2023


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