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Microbiology 20

A 5-year-old girl is brought into her primary care physician due to diarrhea lasting one week. Initially the diarrhea began as 5-6 watery stools per day but has turned bloody over the past two days. There has been no recent travel, and she has not significant past medical history. Vital signs reveal that she is mildly tachycardic but afebrile. On physical examination, the girl appears slightly lethargic with sunken eyes and dry lips. She is hunched over with cramping abdominal pain.

Which of the following is a potential complication of the organism causing her symptoms?

  • A) Bacteremia
  • B) Gullian-Barre syndrome
  • C) Hemolytic-uremic syndrome
  • D) Inflammatory bowel disease
  • E) Reactive arthritis


Kelly O'Connor


Dr. Ted O'Connell

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Feb 20, 2023


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