Step 2

Neurology 1

A 61-year-old woman with osteopenia managed with calcium and Vitamin D supplements and hypothyroidism on levothyroxine comes to a local walk-in clinic after a potential COVID-19 exposure. She gets a PCR nasal swab and was informed that the results should be available within the hour. While waiting for the results she develops a headache that she describes as a "tight band around my head" with some tenderness in her shoulder muscles. However, once the results return as negative her headache slowly begins to improve.

What was the most likely etiology of her headache?

  • A) Bacterial meningitis
  • B) Tension headache
  • C) Cluster headache
  • D) Migraine headache
  • E) Subarachnoid hemorrhage


Dr. Raj Dasgupta


Dr. Raj Dasgupta