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Gastrointestinal 1

A 42-year-old man is seeing his primary care physician after returning from Southeast Asia. The patient was visiting his parents in the Philippines for 2 weeks during the holidays. A couple of days after his return, he started having bowel movements multiple times per day that he describes as loose and watery but without blood. He also endorses feeling nauseated with mild abdominal cramping. He remembers eating food from a street cart on multiple occasions during the trip. Vital signs are temperature 98.6°F (37.0°C) blood pressure 130/80 mmHg, heart rate 80 beats/minute, respirations14, and O2 sat 98% on room air. On physical examination, the abdomen is soft, nontender, and nondistended with no rebound or guarding. Bowels sounds are normal.

After provided information and tips to avoid dehydration. What additional management is appropriate is this case?

  • A) Fidaxomicin
  • B) Stool culture and sensitivity
  • C) Levofloxacin
  • D) Loperamide (Imodium)
  • E) Abdominal radiograph (X-ray)


Dr. Raj Dasgupta


Dr. Raj Dasgupta

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Dec 29, 2023

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