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Microbiology 6

A 20-year-old man presents to the clinic with a 3-day history of “boils” on his right leg and 24 hours of fever and malaise. The patient is a swimmer, and he mentions that he borrowed a teammate's razor to shave his legs before a swim meet. Physical examination shows four raised, warm, erythematous lesions with a central pustule, one of which is draining purulent discharge. A Gram stain and culture if the pus reveals that the causative organism is a catalase-positive, gram-positive coccus. The organism also tests positive for the MecA gene.

Which of the following is the most appropriate oral antibiotic to treat this organism?

  • A) Amoxicillin
  • B) Aztreonam
  • C) Linezolid
  • D) Nafcillin
  • E) Vancomycin


Dr. Ted O'Connell


Dr. Ted O'Connell

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