Step 1

Microbiology 24

A 19-year-old woman presents to the student health clinic with concern about a lesion in her genital region which she noticed 3 days ago. She is sexually active with multiple partners and takes a daily oral contraceptive pill. She does not use barrier protection. Past medical history is unremarkable. Careful workup indicates that she has contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by an intracellular organism that is poorly gram staining.

Which of the following best describes this patient’s most likely presentation?

  • A) Grouped painful genital vesicles with fever and arthralgia
  • B) Painful genital ulcer with unilateral inguinal lymphadenopathy
  • C) Painless genital ulcer with bilateral inguinal lymphadenopathy
  • D) Painless genital ulcer without inguinal lymphadenopathy
  • E) Painless inguinal ulcer that bleeds upon contact


Alexandra Conway


Dr. Ted O'Connell