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Embryology 4

A 7-month-old boy is brought to the pediatrician by his mother for concern about constipation for 1 week. The mother has started weaning him from breastfeeding, and soft food was introduced last week. The mother reports that he also seems to have difficulty passing flatus, and she thinks his abdomen seems distended. X-rays of the abdomen demonstrate evidence of bowel obstruction. Laboratory tests are ordered, and the patient is admitted to the hospital. Colonoscopy is performed and biopsy shows aganglionic rectal layers.

Which one of the following structures have the same embryonic origin as the structure causing the disease in this patient?

  • A) Biliary gland epithelial layer
  • B) Cornea
  • C) Kidney
  • D) Spleen
  • E) Thymus


Husban Hamil


Dr. Ted O'Connell

Last updated

Apr 07, 2024

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