Step 1

Biostatistics 15

A 45-year-old man with a history of heavy smoking presents to the emergency department with sudden-onset chest pain and shortness of breath. He is diagnosed with a massive pulmonary embolism and unfortunately passes away shortly after arrival despite resuscitative efforts. A researcher is working in the hospital and is measuring the impact of disease processes on life expectancy. The concept of "years of potential life lost" would be most relevant in understanding the impact of his premature death on public health.

Which of the following best describes this concept?

  • A) It assesses the economic impact of mortality on a population
  • B) It calculates the number of years added to life expectancy by preventive measures
  • C) It measures the total number of years lost due to premature death from a particular cause
  • D) It quantifies the average age at which individuals die from a particular condition
  • E) It reflects the number of years lived beyond the average life expectancy


Dr. Ted O'Connell


Dr. Ted O'Connell