Step 1

Anatomy 8

An 18-year-old girl presents to the emergency department with a nosebleed that has persisted for the last two hours despite her attempts to pinch the nose and apply cold compresses. She also reports an episode of bloody emesis. She reports having multiple nose bleeds a day for the last week. Past medical history is unremarkable. She denies cocaine use. Vitals signs are within normal limits. On physical examination, she appears pale. An anterior nasal packing is placed but the bleeding persists.

Which of the following is the most likely source of this patient’s bleeding?

  • A) Anterior ethmoid artery
  • B) Greater palatine artery
  • C) Lesser palatine artery
  • D) Posterior ethmoid artery
  • E) Sphenopalatine artery


Neal Deot


Dr. Ted O'Connell