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Anatomy 6

A 16-year-old boy is brought to the physician for an annual health maintenance exam. His mother has observed an unusual prominence on the right side of the upper back and requests the physician to have a look at it. Past medical history is unremarkable. On physical examination of the back with the arms hanging by the side, the medial border of the right scapula is noted to be prominent compared to the left, and the entire right scapula is displaced laterally. There is no exaggerated prominence of the medial border of the right scapula when the patient is asked to do a wall push-up, and the level of both shoulders is observed to be the same.

Based on these findings, which of the following nerves is most likely to be injured?

  • A) Axillary nerve
  • B) Dorsal scapular nerve
  • C) Long thoracic nerve
  • D) Spinal branch of accessory nerve
  • E) Subscapular nerve


Anil Kumarans


Dr. Ted O'Connell

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Jul 27, 2022


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